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Research Report
Healthy Savings: Medical Technology and the Economic Burden of Disease
Milken Institute
July 2014

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Research Report
California's Position in Technology and Science: A Comparative Benchmarking Assessment
Kevin Klowden, Kristen Keough
Milken Institute
December 2013

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Research Report
State Technology and Science Index 2012
Kevin Klowden, Michael Wolfe
Milken Institute
April 2013

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Milken Institute Review
Milken Institute Review Third Quarter 2012
July 2012

James R. Barth, Apanard Prabha and Phillip Swagel of the Institute report on what's been done to prevent another financial meltdown -- and the prospects for their success. Menzie Chinn (University of Wisconsin) and Jeffry Frieden (Harvard) offer a crazy idea about how to deal with the global debt overhang -- crazy like a fox. Also in this issue: startling (and welcome) information on population change in predominantly Muslim countries, an exploration of long-term unemployment, analysis of the economics of antibiotics, a look at bringing snail mail into the 21st century, what needs to happen in housing, what could drive improvement in energy efficiency, and an excerpt from "Why Nations Fail."

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Research Report
Accelerating Innovation in the Bioscience Revolution: Report from the 2011 Lake Tahoe Retreat
Milken Institute
Milken Institute
May 2012

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