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Human Capital

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Research Report
Local Harvest: Developing the Central Valley Workforce for California's Future Agriculture
Kevin Klowden and Priscilla Hamilton
Milken Institute
April 2014

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Research Report
California's Position in Technology and Science: A Comparative Benchmarking Assessment
Kevin Klowden, Kristen Keough
Milken Institute
December 2013

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Research Report
Best-Performing Cities 2013
Ross DeVol,Minoli Ratnatunga and Armen Bedroussian
Milken Institute
December 2013

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Research Report
Mind the Gaps: Closing Income and Educational Disparities in California
James R. Barth, Kevin Klowden, and Donald Markwardt
Milken Institute
November 2013

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Stronger U.S. growth ahead
Phillip Swagel
New York Times
June 2013

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