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April 04, 2012
In an editorial feature in the Wall Street Journal, "ItaEUR(TM)s Better to Rent Than to Foreclose," Institute senior fellows James Barth and Peter Passell praise a new program that could save millions of American families from losing their homes. It could also help both banks and neighborhoods. So, what's in the way of a national rollout?
March 28, 2012
In this new research paper, Institute banking experts James Barth, Penny Pradha, and Phillip Swagel examine the raft of financial regulations enacted since the recent crisis, and ask whether they make the future of "TBTF" different from its past. See Barth interviewed on The Daily Ticker on Yahoo! Finance.
March 26, 2012
"Innovate or die" has become a mantra as we work to solve the world's greatest challenges-from natural resource scarcity to economic growth and job creation. The Milken Institute and Google recently hosted a panel discussion with Aneesh Chopra, former U.S. Chief Technology Officer; Vijay Vaitheeswaran, writer for The Economist and author of Need, Speed, and Greed; and Tony Fratto, CNBC contributor.
March 25, 2012
Chief Research Officer Ross DeVol explains the potential impact of higher oil prices on the economy in this article that appeared on He explores the complex relationships among fuel prices, consumer spending, Federal Reserve policy, and business investment.
March 20, 2012
In an article appearing on, Institute Senior Fellows James Barth and Glenn Yagosummarize what's not working in the U.S. housing market and propose practical solutions. Their new book,Fixing the Housing Market: Financial Innovations for the Future, was just published by the Milken Institute and the FT Press. Yago also appeared on CNBC, discussing housing markets around the world.
March 10, 2012
Senior fellow Andrew Von Eschenbach calls for a modernized Food and Drug Administration that can rapidly and efficiently bring new discoveries to patients, in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. He reminds us that the biomedical industry employs 1.2 million people, one of many facts found in "The Global Biomedical Industry: Preserving U.S. Leadership."
February 04, 2012
In this article from Foreign Policy, Senior Fellow Peter Passell probes the question of why stories of countries "blessed" with big natural resource endowments rarely have happy endings.
February 01, 2012
Milken Institute Senior Fellow Phillip Swagel recently testified at a Senate Banking Committee Hearing on the existence and regulation of "Too Big to Fail" financial institutions. Swagel offered his views on increased capital requirements, shareholder exposure, and the Volcker Rule. Related to this testimony, Yahoo! Finance's Daily Ticker interviewed Swagel for additional insights on "Too Big to Fail" institutions and reform of the GSEs, and also interviewed him on the European financial crisis.
December 04, 2011
Asking, "Why block a test that saves lives?" Institute chairman Michael Milken points out in an Op-Ed appearing in the Washington Post the importance of prostate cancer screening, challenging recent recommendations from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force that healthy men not receive prostate-specific antigen (PSA) tests.
December 03, 2011
In "Greece's Unpleasant Arithmetic: Containing the Threat to the Global Economy," Milken Institute economists explore how a country that accounts for less than one fifth of one percent of the world population, and less than half of one percent of global GDP, has the potential to trigger a global recession. Despite its tiny size, Greece is edging ever closer to severely disrupting global financial and economic markets, unless decisive corrective action is taken.
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