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Speaker Recommendation Form

Before submitting a name, please make sure the individual you are recommending meets the following requirements. Speakers should be:
  • C-suite executives and board members
  • Recognized experts in their fields
  • State, national or global leaders
  • Excellent public speakers
The deadline for submitting suggested speakers for the 2015 Global Conference (April 26-29 in Los Angeles) is February 28, 2015.
Please note:
  • Given the volume of recommendations we receive, we cannot reply to all submissions. We review all of them, and if we determine that there is a potential speaking spot, we will contact you.
  • The Milken Institute, a nonprofit, publicly supported organization, does not pay speaker honoraria.
  • The Global Conference has no keynote speeches or presentations, only moderated sessions.
  • To understand the quality of speakers and variety of topics we host, please go to Events.
If you would like to be considered as a speaker or panelist at the Global Conference or any Milken Institute event, or would like to recommend someone, please fill out the following form:
Your Information
Your first name:
Your last name:
E-mail address:
Street address:
Zip code:
You are recommending:  yourself     someone else
If you are recommending someone else, please tell us:
Recommendee's first name:
Recommendee's last name:
Do you know this person personally?:  yes     no
Have you heard this person give a speech or speak on a panel?:  yes     no
How are you familiar with this individual (e.g., you heard the person speak, read his/her book, or work as his/her publicist)?:
For either yourself or the person that your are recommending, please provide the following information.
Short biography (maximum 250 words):
On what subject would this person speak?.
Reason for recommendation (reasons can include current work, media coverage, recent speaking appearances, etc.).
Links to relevant online articles citing this person.
For what specific event, if any, do you recommend this person (e.g., Global Conference, State of the State Conference, Forum, etc.)?

Please help protect our site from spammers; type the following number into the field below.
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Thank you for your interest in the Milken Institute's events. If we need more information, one of our Institute members will contact you.
Please carefully review the information that you have entered before you submit it. Thank you.
August 2014
August 5, 2014
Forum: Creativity, Inc.
Santa Monica
September 2014
September 18 - 19, 2014
Asia Summit
October 2014
October 27 - 28, 2014
London Summit
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Global Conference 2014
Leaders on Leadership: Howard Marks, Janet Napolitano, Steve Wynn and Michael Milken on long-term thinking in business, government, education – and life.
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