Growing the U.S. Green Bond Market

February 27, 2018

8:30am - 4:00pm

 Milken Institute’s Headquarters, 1250 Fourth Street, Santa Monica


The Lab is part of a two-day Symposium (hyperlink to:, co-hosted by the Milken Institute, Environmental Finance, and California’s State Treasurer John Chiang. The state has been a leader in environmental initiatives, pioneering policies on everything from cap-and-trade to electric vehicles. As the effects of climate change become a daily reality, California can once again lead the way in designing financing mechanisms that can support environmentally friendly infrastructure. Green bonds offer an opportunity to align incentives and meet the needs of states, project developers and investors. However, challenges have prevented the market from scalable growth.

The Lab will bring together a group of investors, government decision-makers, issuers, underwriters and industry experts to address the current challenges through more innovative product and policy design. Participants will map out practical, real-time solutions in areas of green label standardization, streamlined legal disclosures, accessibility to data and benchmark pricing in line with financial and environmental credit ratings. Attendees will also review potential programs to attract different types of investors, from a green Build America Bond to an aggregated regional pool of smaller issuances. The session will provide an opportunity to map out a strategic plan, with concrete action items, to scale market demand.

This event is one in a series of Financial Innovations Labs. This Milken Institute research tool brings together researchers and policymakers with business, finance and professional practitioners to create market-based solutions to business and public policy challenges. The findings of these interactive Labs are publicly distributed. Previous topics have included residential energy-efficiency, small-business financing, archaeological discovery and conservation, and biomedical research and development. (Click here for samples of reports from previous Labs.)