Breaking Past the Plateau: New Innovative Finance Models for Global Health

October 2, 2013




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Center for Public Health


The interest in innovative finance has grown since the creation of the first advance market commitment over 10 years ago. Government spending continues to decline, and public- and private-sector investors alike are attempting to get the most leverage from their capital. As the financial product landscape develops, where are the new innovative financing mechanisms? How can we break past the plateau that has followed the success of models like IFFIm and prize competitions and take steps toward implementing the next generation of innovative finance?

With a goal of promoting wider implementation among industry stakeholders, this Financial Innovations Lab brought together a small group of investors, donors and global health experts to review the nascent financial mechanisms aimed at making aid more efficient and effective and to design new models to engage the capital markets through various impact investing platforms. The session provided an opportunity to map out next steps toward increased adoption of the relevant models.

Participants discussed the potential for more donor-based models, such as a social impact bond, to be applied to areas like malaria eradication, given the limited commercial market for drugs and treatments for the disease. For areas in global health that have more market opportunities, such as developing new vaccines for tuberculosis, participants discussed more traditional financing models such as venture capital, private equity and long-term debt models.

Results from the Lab, including recommended next steps for implementation, will be published soon. For information, contact Caitlin MacLean, associate director of Financial Innovations Labs, at