Sacramento Housing Forum: The Future of the State’s Housing Dilemma and its Economy

May 16, 2017

8:00am - 1:30pm

California Endowment
1414 K Street, #500
Sacramento, California 95814


The robustness of California’s long-neglected housing supply remains a vital component of any strategy to invest in human capital, promote economic development and provide social mobility. Yet cities throughout the state continue to struggle to develop adequate levels of housing. The housing crisis is not only one of supply, but the lack of adequate policy supporting the various types of development demanded by the marketplace.

Over the past 30 years, the precipitous rise in housing prices coupled, with development constraints and stagnant income growth, have cultivated a housing ecosystem that struggles to meet demand. According to the latest update from the PPIC, 31 percent of California’s homeowners and 46 percent of renters dedicate more than 35 percent of total household incomes to housing costs. Prices far exceed the means of buyers and renters in median income brackets, especially in urban and coastal communities, forcing workers to live far from job centers. Out-of-reach housing prices are an economic reality for many state’s residents. The long-term effects of this threaten to upend the California economy through productivity lost to lengthy commute times and a growing exodus of companies and residents leaving the state. It’s clearer than ever that California needs housing policies that cultivate long-term economic growth and offset decades of economically inefficient development patterns

The Milken Institute, California Center in partnership with Capital Public Radio, The California Business Roundtable, and the Local Government Commission will bring together this forum, featuring:

diane yentel

chris estes

Diane Yentel

President & CEO / National Low Income Housing Coalition, Washington, D.C.

Chris Estes

President and CEO / National Housing Conference, Washington, D.C.

As well as other leading state policymakers, business and thought leaders, including:

For additional information, contact Matt Horton, Associate Director, California Center at (310) 570-4617 or