Policy and California's Economy (PACE) Briefing Series


The Milken Institute, in partnership with the California Business Roundtable, will host a recurring series of briefings in Sacramento for California lawmakers and their staff focusing on state policy debates of the day.

These briefings will provide background, analysis, projections, and other information vital to increasing awareness and education regarding issues of importance to the state.

The first briefing will focus on the Milken Institute's recently-released report entitled, "California's Position in Technology and Science: A Comparative Benchmarking Assessment." The report analyzes the strengths and obstacles of California's efforts to expand its role as a national leader in science and technology and the role those efforts have played in the state's economic development.

Following a presentation by the report's co-author, Kristen Keough of the Milken Institute, there will be a panel discussion moderated by Rob Lapsley, president of the California Business Roundtable. Panelists will include Kevin Klowden of the Milken Institute, Assembly Member Kristin Olsen, Assembly Member Raul Bocanegra, Robyn G. Hines of Microsoft Corporation, and Michele Siqueiros with the Campaign for College Opportunity.