A Conversation With Financial Innovators

March 17, 2014

Santa Monica
By invitation only


Lewis Ranieri, Richard Sandor and Myron Scholes
Moderated by Institute Chairman Michael Milken



Three of the leading minds in financial markets will sit down for a conversation with Institute Chairman Michael Milken about some of today's most important financial issues.

At this private event hosted by the Milken Institute Center for Financial Markets, Nobel laureate Myron Scholes and financial innovators Richard Sandor and Lewis Ranieri will give their views on issues such as housing finance reform, access to capital for emerging growth companies (the "missing middle") and market approaches to financing human capital development. The conversation will be followed by a small roundtable lunch.

At the nexus of Washington and Wall Street, the Milken Institute's D.C.-based Center for Financial Markets (CFM) promotes financial-market understanding and works to expand access to capital, strengthen - and deepen - financial markets, and develop innovative financial solutions to the most pressing global challenges. CFM is founded on the belief that well-functioning financial markets, accessible to all, can expand opportunities to develop human and social capital, magnify productive investment, and dramatically improve global prosperity.