Israel as a Model for Social Investing

March 30, 2013

Santa Monica
Jewish Funders Network Post-Conference Workshop


Taly Dunevich of the Israel Venture Network Tandem Fund takes part in the workshop aimed at increasing impact investing in Israel and identifying best practices.
Israel's economic growth has been inadequate and shared unequally. This pattern of inequality is being exacerbated by a decline in charitable giving, the government's growing deficits and diminished resources, and the struggle by many nonprofit organizations to effectively serve their communities. Meanwhile, many businesses that could accelerate Israel's lagging growth rate suffer from declining investment that affects the nation's exports.

Israel offers an extraordinary laboratory to create a novel, flexible and efficient system of activating capital for social impact. The launch of impact-investment platforms, programs, products and policies, coupled with Israel's technological and social-innovation strengths, make this an exciting time for Jewish communities abroad to engage with leaders in Israel. This half-day seminar brought together experts in the field to review today's state of affairs and create opportunities to work together.

The workshop's goals:

  • Help to ensure that Israel remains a center of social innovation to solve problems of scarcity at home and abroad.
  • Leverage charitable dollars through program-related and impact investing.
  • Generate measurable social, financial and/or environmental returns.
  • Discuss how to use charitable and government funds leveraged by private capital through matching and structured finance to solve pressing social, community and environmental challenges in Israel.
  • Address philanthropic, policy and program development innovations to address capital scarcity for nonprofit, profit-for-purpose and for-profit enterprises that create positive social and environmental outcomes while securing Israel's economy and place in the world. Leverage philanthropic endowments to catalyze financial return and social impact. Enable donors to develop impact-based investment models for social change and align their portfolio management with their philanthropic mission.
  • Create concrete portfolio strategies to activate capital for program-related (below-market-rate returns) and mission-related (market-rate return) projects that create double-bottom-line returns (blending social and financial returns) focusing on social investment funds, social impact bonds (performance-based), and social investment intermediaries to make Israel a leader in impact investment.