The Future of Higher Education and How America Will Pay for It-A Policy Roundtable

March 19, 2013

Washington, D.C.
By invitation only


Georgetown Global Social Enterprise Initiative and Milken Institute Center for Financial Markets


The backdrop of the conversation is well known: Advanced degrees or other skills training is more important than ever for both individual and national competitiveness, but affordability is a growing issue, stories of student loan indebtedness make near daily headlines, and alternatives to traditional degree programs may be a more optimal solution for some students.

Important work is under way nationally to explore and improve the higher education landscape, and this roundtable aims to showcase promising approaches and analyze new funding models and strategies. Going forward, how will the United States structure and finance higher education in a way that produces graduates who meet employer needs without saddling students with debt levels that they will struggle to repay? What lessons can we learn by looking abroad? What is the role of prospective employers in promoting higher education? And how can innovative solutions be implemented?

To answer these questions and others, we will bring to the table key stakeholders with diverse perspectives, including policymakers, institutional investors, human resource experts, administration officials, corporate executives, leading academics, banks, budget and labor economists, university representatives, consumer advocates, education experts, and trade associations. Key findings and conclusions from the disucssion will be captured in a published and widely disseminated report.

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