Catalyzing Pension Fund Investment in the Nation's Infrastructure: A Roundtable Discussion


The Milken Institute convened a roundtable discussion on December 6, 2012, in Washington, D.C. to examine two major public policy challenges: the need for greater infrastructure investment and how to help defined benefit pension plans meet their long-term obligations.

A number of studies have documented the magnitude of underinvestment in critical infrastructure and the long-term economic growth and job creation benefits such investment represents. At the same time, pension funds continue to struggle to find potential investments in alternative asset classes that match returns to the funds' long-term liabilities. Roundtable discussions focused on developing specific, practical solutions that would increase pension funds' infrastructure investment allocation. Invitees included stakeholders with diverse perspectives: lawmakers, academics, regulators, law firms, pension funds, investment firms, state government officials, trade associations, private equity firms, financial services firms, and multinational corporations.