War at the Shore: Steve Wynn, Donald Trump, and the Epic War to Save Atlantic City

June 25, 2012

4:30pm - 6:00pm

Santa Monica




Richard "Skip" Bronson, Author; Chairman and Co-Founder, U.S. Digital Gaming



In a city known for its heavyweight boxing matches, few bouts have been harder fought than this one: In the "War at the Shore," Las Vegas casino magnate Steve Wynn faced off against New York real estate mogul Donald Trump to develop a prime piece of property in 1990s Atlantic City, N.J.

Richard "Skip" Bronson had a front-row seat for this battle royale, and he describes it in intimate detail in his new book, "War at the Shore: Steve Wynn, Donald Trump, and the Epic War to Save Atlantic City."

Richard Bronson
During his talk at the Milken Institute, Skip Bronson described the high-stakes battle between Donald Trump and Steve Wynn over a prime piece of property in Atlantic City.

At this Milken Institute Forum, Bronson will delve into the outsized personalities of the two combatants and tell the story of how this clash of money and power eventually transformed Atlantic City from a struggling spot for day trippers into a gambling destination. He will also offer some insight into the future of the industry, as chairman and co-founder of U.S. Digital Gaming.

The battle between Mirage Resorts and Trump Resorts over Renaissance Point, now known as the Marina District, raged from 1995 to 2000. Bronson sat on Mirage's board and served as president of New City Development Company, the subsidiary responsible for developing Mirage Resorts projects outside Nevada. As Bronson tells it, no money was spared and no punches were pulled.

Bronson also weaves in anecdotes from his personal story: A product of a fractured family from a city-owned housing project in Hartford, Conn.; former spelling bee champion and college dropout; and one of the nation's leading developers of shopping centers and office buildings, including Connecticut's tallest skyscraper.

War at the Shore: Steve Wynn, Donald Trump, and the Epic War to Save Atlantic City
In addition to leading U.S. Digital Gaming, an online poker company and lobbying firm for legalized Internet gambling, he is a director of the Starwood Property Trust and serves on the board of the neurosurgery division at UCLA Medical Center. Bronson is also the founder and president of Native American Empowerment, LLC, a private company dedicated to Native American gaming opportunities and tribal economic advancement. He is a past chairman of the board for Archer School for Girls, Los Angeles.