Wed, 03/02
08:30 AM – 09:25 AM The Promise of Public Health
09:30 AM – 09:50 AM Mike Milken │ Public Health and Prosperity
09:55 AM – 10:10 AM Atul Butte | Driving Public Health: A Trillion Points of Data
10:20 AM – 11:10 AM Inner-City and Rural Health Care: Bridging the Gap in Access to Services
Superbugs: Slowing the Spread of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
The Economic Impact of Chronic Disease: The Case for Prevention, Early Detection and Better Management
11:20 AM – 12:10 PM A Future of Healthy Aging
Big Data, Small Devices: How Technology Is Advancing Public Health
Waistlines of the World: An Update from the War on Obesity
12:30 PM – 01:50 PM Lunch Program │ An Update on Zika Virus With CDC Director Tom Frieden
02:00 PM – 02:50 PM Carrots, Sticks and Nudges: Balancing Public Health and Personal Freedom
The Avoidable $4 Trillion Toll of Global Hypertension
The Health of Nations: Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals
03:00 PM – 03:50 PM Infectious Diseases: Staying One Step Ahead
Mental Health: A Global Challenge We Can't Ignore
Toward a Healthier Workplace: The Business Case for Public Health
04:00 PM – 04:15 PM Barbara Bush | Resilience in Global Health Leadership
04:20 PM – 05:20 PM Public Health, Medical Research and the Cancer Moonshot: A Collaboration to Change the World
06:30 PM – 09:00 PM Dinner