MENA Summit 2018
MENA Summit program 3

The Middle East and North Africa region has taken great strides in education. Yet 27 percent of young adults in the region remain unemployed. In a region in which youth is a hugely significant proportion of the workforce, representing a total of 200 million young people across the MENA region, and with 65% of the population under 25, this issue is of utmost importance. Exacerbating this situation, the continued growth in the youth population will create increased demand for educational services at all levels and will place immense pressure on existing educational institutions. This session will address several challenges facing the education industry, from prioritizing investment, to the advancement of STEM in K-12 and higher-ed, combating brain drain throughout the region, and fostering local job markets, with the aim of finding ways to turn this rising tide of young people into an engine growth for the region.

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