Tue, 12/06
07:00 AM – 08:30 AM Diversity Is a Reality, but Inclusion Is a Choice
Hosted by State Street.
08:45 AM – 10:00 AM Europe in the Post-Brexit Age
10:15 AM – 11:15 AM Can Terrorism in Europe Be Defeated?
European Philanthropy's Role in Addressing Global Challenges
Purchase with Purpose: How Brands Are Using 'Social Good' to Win Consumer Loyalty
The Evolution of Asset Management
Trends Shaping Technology, Business and Society
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM Artificial Intelligence: A Smarter Future?
Growing the European Longevity Economy
Risk-Free Return or Return-Free Risk: The Hunt for Yield
U.S. Overview: Post-Election America and the World
What Does Brexit Mean for Health Care and Medical Research?
12:30 PM – 02:15 PM Lunch Plenary: The Quest for Meaningful Lives
02:30 PM – 03:30 PM Climate Change: Threat or Opportunity for the Global Economy?
Creating a Positive Work Culture: Diversity, Inclusion and Teamwork
FinClusion: Connecting the Unconnected
Immigration in Europe: Balancing Politics, Security and Compassion
03:45 PM – 04:45 PM Brexit: A Red Flag for Global Financial Harmonization?
Britain's EU Exit: What's Next for London?
Investing in Emerging Markets: Out of the Rabbit Hole?
Will EU Departure Strengthen Ties Between the UK and India?
05:00 PM – 06:00 PM Global Capital Markets: New Risks, New Opportunities