European Philanthropy's Role in Addressing Global Challenges
Tuesday, December 6, 2016 / 10:15 am - 11:15 am


Melissa Stevens, Executive Director, Center for Strategic Philanthropy, Milken Institute

Charles Chen Yidan, Founder, Yidan Prize; Core Founder, Tencent Holdings Ltd.
Michelle Dorian, Co-founder, Institute of Imagination
Sir Michael Hintze, Founder, CEO and Senior Investment Officer, CQS
Alisa Swidler, Philanthropist and Activist

The 21st century has seen a surge of philanthropy in Europe, evidenced by a significant rise in individual philanthropists and foundation activity. While this upturn reflects a global trend, European philanthropists, in particular, have distinguished themselves for their innovation and creativity in tackling transnational initiatives like the refugee crisis, climate change and security concerns. Similarly, Europe has advanced a range of models for taxation, foundation structure, blended social financing and public-private partnerships. In this session, a select group of leading global philanthropists will analyze the shifting European philanthropic landscape and share ideas on how best to optimize and harness this recent dynamism to spark sustainable and systemic change.