London Summit 2016


The theme of this year's London Summit is "The Future of Europe." Leaders will focus on devising workable solutions to many of the key challenges facing the UK and the Continent, including job creation, monetary policy, capital markets and the evolution of the EU and its ties with Britain. Below you will find some of the latest thinking about the future of Europe, and the world, from a number of influential leaders and speakers who will be joining us at the 2016 Milken Institute London Summit.

The Road More Traveled: The Latest EC Proposals Bring EU Banks Closer To Completing A 10-Year Regulatory Overhaul
Giles Edwards and Alexandre Birry
S&P Global

Transition For All: Equal Opportunities in an Unequal World
Sergei Guriev, Chief Economist, EBRD
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Reinforcing the Eurozone and protecting an open society
Giancarlo Corsetti, Lars Feld, Ralph Koijen, Lucrezia Reichlin, Ricardo Reis, Hélène Rey, Beatrice Weder di Mauro
VOX CEPR's Policy Portal

Our Assumptions About Old and Young Workers Are Wrong
Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott
Harvard Business Review

The EU is holding our economy back – and Brexit could set it free
Howard Shore, Executive Chairman, Shore Capital Group
The Telegraph

Where Women Thrive: Geographies and Gender Equality Risk
Patricia A. Milligan , Senior Partner and Global Leader, Multi-National Client Group for Mercer

Global Education Disparity: Closing the Gap Between Talent and Opportunity
Igor Tulchinsky, Founder and CEO, WorldQuant, LLC
Milken Institute

It's the Environment, Stupid
Ben Goldsmith, JMG Foundation and Menhaden Capital

Liberal Britain must stand up against a hard, destructive Brexit
Roland Rudd, Founder and Chairman, Finsbury and Open Britain
Evening Standard

Maiden Speech in the House of Lords
Lord Jitesh Gadhia

Indirect contagion: the policy problem
Laurent Clerc et al.
European Systemic Risk Board

A Brexit strategy that could unite UK's parliaments – and keep Britain in the single market
Anton Muscatelli, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of Glasgow
The Conversation

Inequality and Social Mobility in Europe Today
Zsolt Darvas and Guntram Wolff
MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth

The State of Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment (VP/SI) in Europe
Priscilla Boiardi and Alessia Gianoncelli
European Venture Philanthropy Association

Gender equality critical to saving our planet
Sherah Beckley
Thomson Reuters

The Longevity Economy: How People Over 50 Are Driving Economic and Social Value in the US
Oxford Economics

The City must get stuck in on Brexit regulation debate
Robyn Grew, Chief Administrative Officer, Man Group
Financial News

Liberal Democracies in Crisis
Marieluise Beck, Member of the German Bundestag

Gender diversity isn't just an equality issue - it can really pay off
Brenda Trenowden
Global Chair, 30% Club; Head of Financial Institutions Group Europe,
ANZ Bank

A road map for integrating Europe's refugees
Frank Mattern, Eckart Windhagen, Solveigh Hieronimus, George Tsopelas, Jonathan Woetzel, and Anu Madgavkar
McKinsey & Company

Government of the United Kingdom: FAQ on the Credit Impact of Brexit for the UK and its Banks
Moody's Investor Service
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How digital finance could boost growth in emerging economies
James Manyika, Susan Lund, Marc Singer, Olivia White, and Chris Berry
McKinsey & Company