Drilling Down: The New Global Energy Outlook
Wednesday, October 10, 2012 / 10:15 am - 11:15 am


Jason Gammel, Senior Analyst, Macquarie

Jeremy Bentham, Vice President, Global Business Environment, and Head, Scenarios, Royal Dutch Shell
John Browne, Partner and Managing Director, Riverstone
Lady Barbara Thomas Judge, CBE, Chairman, Pension Protection Fund; Chairman Emeritus, United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority
Charlotte Philipps, Managing Director, Fund Advisory, XENON Capital Partners
Claudi Santiago, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, First Reserve Corporation

One bulletproof assumption for energy producers and investors is that the developing world will need a lot more of it. The question is, where will new sources of energy come from? Important transitions in energy sources are under way, especially in the United States, where newly superabundant natural gas appears poised to help make an impact on the country's long-term dependence on foreign oil. Meanwhile, a future where much of our energy comes from renewables remains more of a promise than reality. On the low-carbon front, the Fukushima disaster crushed expectations of a nuclear renaissance, and the global solar industry is grappling with harsh economic realities. This session will explore the vast industry's plans to satisfy up to 2 billion additional customers, how the energy mix will evolve in the United States, and whether the threat of climate change will complicate the picture.