Milken Institute Summit - California 2013

Milken Institute Summit - California 2013


Keynote Address: Gov. Jerry Brown

Lunch Discussion: Investing in California's Future

Since 1999, the Milken Institute has convened California's most influential leaders to solve the state's most crucial challenges. With a new format and a laser focus, this year's California Summit will concentrate on a range of issues from leveraging California's role as a leader in innovation, to training the state's future workforce, to creating jobs for Californians and much more. Together we will envision a state that is more vigorous and influential than ever as we define the ideas that will get us there. And we'll do so in a setting designed to turn those ideas into action.

Gov. Jerry Brown opens the California Summit with a discussion of California's budget surplus and the need to create a rainy-day fund to help the state through future crises.

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