2011 Milken Institute State of the State Conference


"This conference brings together the key players in California for important discussions of how we can maintain our state's global leadership in technology, alternative energy, entertainment and other sectors vital to our future. It's an invaluable source of information, ideas and insight."
— Janet Lamkin, California State President, Bank of America

"For California policymakers, there's simply no better forum than the Milken Institute's annual State of the State Conference for meeting and hearing from the best, brightest and most relevant thinkers and doers. It's one conference I want on my calendar every year."
— Bill Lockyer, California State Treasurer

"The Milken Institute's State of the State Conference captures the unique character of California, its rich diversity, its verve and ingenuity, and its signature belief that the word 'impossible' has no place in the state vocabulary."
— Robert Dynes, former President, University of California

"It's a unique opportunity for leaders in government, finance, business, health care, education and other sectors of the economy to sit down together and search for innovative ways of moving California forward."
— James Brulte, former California State Senate Republican Leader

"The Institute does a wonderful job of bringing together California's leading business people, policy officials and academic experts to discuss innovative ways we can move this state forward. As a businessman and Californian who cares about our future, I find the State of the State Conference a valuable learning experience."
— Dominic Ng, Chairman, President and CEO, East West Bank

"As California enters a period of crisis and redefinition, the Milken Institute State of the State Conference emerges more than ever as one of the key means the state possesses of thinking through its present and future prospects."
— Kevin Starr, University Professor of History, University of Southern California

"The Milken Institute State of the State Conference ought to be mandatory for all California lawmakers to attend before they take the oath of office. It offers the most straightforward, comprehensive and independent analysis of where this state is headed of any event I have ever attended. Now that I think about it, the conference should be mandatory for all California decision makers."
— Jack Stewart, President, California Manufacturers & Technology Association

"Most of us are so busy meeting the challenges of daily business that we don't take the time to study the big-picture issues affecting our future and the opportunities and pitfalls ahead. The State of the State Conference is one of the very few events where an investment of one day yields insight and knowledge that pay off handsomely throughout the year."
— Lewis Feldman, Chairman, Los Angeles office, Goodwin Procter LLP

"This conference offers unique in-depth analysis, visionary thinking and broad perspective on the future of California from some of the brightest minds in the state."
— Philip Angelides, former Treasurer, State of California

"The Milken Institute's conference consistently provides important information and thoughtful analysis of key issues facing California."
— Russell Goldsmith, Chairman and CEO, City National Bank

"As an entrepreneur, I spend most of my time on running my own business and not enough on the big issues facing the diverse and dynamic economy of California. This is one event where I can gain broad and yet in-depth insight about the opportunities and challenges facing our region and my business. It is well worth my time and I would highly recommend it to other decision makers in the business community."
Charlie Woo, Chief Executive Officer, Megatoys

"The Milken Institute's annual conference gives as good an understanding of the complex issues facing Californians as you'll receive anywhere. It's one of the more substantive events I've ever attended, with a wonderful group of speakers offering thoughtful and imaginative solutions to the many challenges we face."
George David Kieffer, Partner, Manatt, Phelps and Phillips

"The State of the State conference assembles great minds to address the issues, challenges, and opportunities of our great state."
Frank Baxter, Chairman Emeritus, Jefferies Group, Inc.

"The conference is of immense value to help decision-makers and citizens gain greater awareness about the vital issues impacting our economy, quality of life and standard of living. I have found that by attending the conference and being exposed to the best and the brightest, I come away much more knowledgeable and a greater contributor to my organization in helping shape its strategic direction."
— Gary Carmell, Chief Investment Officer, CWS Capital LLC

"Each year, this extraordinary event throws a revealing light on the state of California and our dynamic economy. I have found the high quality of the information disseminated at the conference to be its most important benefit. However, the special opportunity to network comes in a close second."
James H. Zukin, Founding Partner, Houlihan Lokey Howard & Zukin