Global Conference 2015

Speaker's Biography

Amy Webb

Digital Media Futurist; Founder, Webbmedia Group

Amy Webb is a digital media futurist and the founder of Webbmedia Group, a leading digital strategy and emerging technology consulting firm. It advises in the fields of media, entertainment, advertising, technology, higher education, nonprofits and government. Webbmedia Group researches near-future trends and develops strategies to help clients engage bigger audiences and expand their market share. Webb is a visiting Nieman fellow at Harvard University and a lecturer on emerging technology and media at Columbia University. She's a contributing editor at Inc. magazine, writing about the future of business and finance, and a columnist for Slate, where she writes about Big Data and Society. Webb was a delegate on the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission. She also served on the Aspen Institute's Dialogue on Libraries, where she worked with former Federal Communications Commission Chairman Reed Hundt to create a sustainable future for America's libraries.

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