Global Conference 2015

Speaker's Biography

Claire Cockerton

CEO, Innovate Finance; Chairwoman, Entiq

Claire Cockerton is CEO of Innovate Finance and chairwoman of Entiq. Innovate Finance, which she co-founded, is a movement backed by the City of London and Canary Wharf Group for a more balanced, resilient and accessible financial-services sector. Cockerton also founded Entiq, a firm delivering innovation strategy and product development programs for large companies. She set the strategy for and co-led the implementation of Level39, Europe's largest accelerator dedicated to FinTech and to retail and smart-cities technologies. Cockerton helped establish the business model for Virgin's Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship and advised Guardian Media Group on its Digital First transformation strategy. She founded, grew and sold Aesthetic Earthworks, a multimillion-dollar sustainable architecture firm in Canada, before moving to the UK. Cockerton is active in Women in Tech, Tech London Advocates and Women Shift Digital and is a member of Mayor Boris Johnson's London Tech Ambassadors Group. She holds an M.B.A. from Imperial College.


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