Global Conference 2015

Mobile, big data, the Internet of Things and social media are leading a revolution that is transforming opportunities in health care and research. Extraordinary advancements in mobile technology and connectivity have provided the foundation needed to dramatically change the way health care is practiced today and research is done tomorrow. While we are still in the early innings of using mobile technology in the delivery of health care, evidence supporting its potential to impact the delivery of better health care, lower costs and improve patient outcomes is apparent. Mobile technology for health care, or mHealth, can empower doctors to more effectively engage their patients and provide secure information on demand, anytime and anywhere. Patients demand safety, speed and security from their providers. What are the technologies that are allowing this transformation to take place?


Michael Milken

Chairman, Milken Institute


Anna Barker

Fellow, FasterCures, a Center of the Milken Institute; Professor and Director, Transformative Healthcare Networks, and Co-Director, Complex Adaptive Systems Network, Arizona State University

Atul Butte

Director, Institute of Computational Health Sciences, University of California, San Francisco

John Chen

Executive Chairman and CEO, BlackBerry

Victor Dzau

President, Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences; Chancellor Emeritus, Duke University

Patrick Soon-Shiong

Chairman and CEO, NantWorks, LLC

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