Global Conference 2015

Technology is driving financial inclusion by enabling populations who have traditionally been excluded from formal financial services to gain access. All over the world, the use of mobile networks and micropayments is helping the underbanked in emerging and developed countries store and transfer money. Traditionally, the need for costly infrastructure and a highly developed regulatory environment has put bank services beyond the reach of millions. Now, technology is changing the equation. But how will this dramatic expansion of services to an underserved market influence the broader economy? Are there threats that might derail this revolution? And what is the next frontier of expanding financial access? Our panel of innovators will discuss how technology is making the world of finance a more inclusive place.


Chris Brummer

Senior Fellow, Milken Institute Center for Financial Markets; Professor, Georgetown University


Bill Barhydt

Founder and CEO, Abra; Chairman, Boom Financial

Bob Collymore

CEO, Safaricom Ltd.

Chris Larsen

CEO and Co-Founder, Ripple Labs

Shamina Singh

Executive Director, MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth

David Thompson

Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President, Global Operations and Technology, Western Union

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