Global Conference 2015

In a world of digital everything, it's not just consumers who are cutting the cord to cable TV. A growing number of networks, including HBO, CBS and ESPN, are offering their own "over-the-top" viewing options. Instead of signing up with a cable provider, audiences will actually be able subscribe to the network's own Internet-delivered streaming service. Mobile carriers like AT&T, Singtel and Vodafone are testing similar ideas such as sponsored data as a way of recouping the costs of delivering services on their networks. What is this new content that's attracting this new world of viewers and who is buying the rights? To what extent are content creators and network operators well-positioned to benefit from these trends and drive long-term profit and cash flow growth?


Ken Rutkowski

Host and Co-Founder, "Business Rockstars"


Thom Beers

CEO, FremantleMedia North America

Mark Greenberg

President and CEO, EPIX

Chad Gutstein

CEO, Machinima

Andy Schuon

Co-Founder, Revolt

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