Global Conference 2015

The Trans-Pacific Partnership promises to expand trade among the U.S., Japan, Australia and nine other Pacific Rim countries by making it easier for money and goods to flow across national borders. Yet to many, the proposed free-trade pact merely highlights a broader acceleration of commerce that has lowered the cost of high-end products such as electronics and fostered a growing middle class in emerging countries of Asia and Latin America. Strong economic and cultural ties justify the question, is the "Pacific Future" upon us? Join our panelists for a conversation about the potential and challenges posed by the growing interdependence among Pacific-facing nations.


Kevin Klowden

Managing Director, California Center, and Managing Economist, Milken Institute


David Dreier

Chairman, Annenberg-Dreier Commission; Former U.S. Congressman, California

Ashok Kumar Mirpuri

Ambassador to the United States, Singapore

Dominic Ng

Chairman and CEO, East West Bank

Stefan Selig

Undersecretary for International Trade; Executive Director, President’s Export Council

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