Global Conference 2015

With Washington in gridlock, many states have been forced to rely on their own resources to meet the challenges of globalization, technological change and demographic shifts. As a result, state governments are taking a leading role in the 21st century economy, forging innovative solutions such as public-private partnerships designed to stimulate growth, improve education, fix infrastructure and put people into high-skill jobs. More challenges lie ahead. The technological revolution is reshaping how business and commerce are conducted. How can states embrace the economic opportunity that it poses? What role will universities play in supporting scientific breakthroughs and preparing workers to meet the challenges of the next decade? Join us for this forward-looking conversation with four governors and a leading political journalist as they discuss the role states are taking on.


Ronald Brownstein

Editorial Director, Atlantic Media


John Hickenlooper

Governor, Colorado

Terry McAuliffe

Governor, Virginia

Pat McCrory

Governor, North Carolina

Pete Ricketts

Governor, Nebraska

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