The Future Is Now: Things That Will Blow Your Mind
Wednesday, April 29, 2015 / 11:15 am - 12:15 pm


Richard Sandler, Executive Vice President, Milken Family Foundation; Partner, Law Offices of Maron & Sandler

Frederic Moll, Chairman and CEO, Auris Surgical Robotics, Inc.
William Santana Li, Chairman and CEO, Knightscope, Inc.
Nina Tandon, CEO and Co-Founder, EpiBone; Co-Author, "Super Cells: Building With Biology"

What's the future look like? Surgical robots that can go almost anywhere in the human body, fixing ailments that previously were unreachable or required invasive surgery. Or a robotic cop that looks like R2-D2 and fights crime 24/7 using laser cameras and facial recognition software to pick up clues, and then alerts authorities to threats. And a technology that repairs bone damage using bone grown from a patient's own cells. The Future is here. In this panel, three speakers working on amazing things will tell us what they're up to -- and it'll blow your mind.