Global Conference 2015

Solving a problem, filling a niche, creating an alternative universe or a community--these are the things that drive the innovators and disruptors who are changing the world. They bring all that they do, and have done, to the creative process. And they place a high value on the people--the human capital--in their lives. On this panel, artists and innovators will talk about the convergence of creativity and technology, and the values that inform their work. They can fill a stadium or interact with millions of people a day. How do they manage that power responsibly? How do they build long-term, interactive relationships and stay true to their brands? Taking it to scale, how big and how fast can you grow and still remain true to the values and passion that inspired you?


Andy Serwer

Editor in Chief, Yahoo Finance


Brandon Beck

Co-Founder and CEO, Riot Games

Brad Delson

Musician, Linkin Park; Co-Founder, Machine Shop Ventures

Dave Gilboa

Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Warby Parker

Payal Kadakia

CEO and Co-Founder, ClassPass

Mike Shinoda

Musician, Linkin Park; Co-Founder, Machine Shop Ventures

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