Global Conference 2015

The U.S. economy continues to recover, creating jobs and enjoying sustained, if yet not sizzling, growth. Still, policy concerns remain. In the near term, they revolve around strengthening the recovery and ensuring that the gains are shared, and over a longer horizon, tackling the U.S. budget imbalance. Addressing these challenges requires policies that will enhance American competitiveness and support stronger productivity growth and rising incomes for all Americans. The administration has proposed a range of initiatives, including investments in infrastructure, education and additional support for scientific research, while working to open key export markets for American firms. This panel of government and business leaders will focus on policies to address our nation's challenges, both near-term and long-term, in a way that reflects our priorities.


Ben White

Chief Economic Correspondent and Columnist, Politico


Shaun Donovan

Director, White House Office of Management and Budget

Alan Schwartz

Executive Chairman, Guggenheim Partners

Mark Weinberger

Global Chairman and CEO, EY

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