Global Conference 2015

Now that the media euphoria from Flash Boys has died down and the pillars of U.S. equity markets are no longer being called into question, constructive conversations about addressing market fairness and inefficiencies have begun to take shape. With the SEC canvassing a wide swath of stakeholders through its new private sector market structure committee, what lessons can be taken from countries like Canada, Australia and those in Europe? What is the impact of proposals from retail market makers, exchanges and investors and how will their interests be balanced? What do those proposals mean for "ma and pa" and institutional investors seeking liquidity and timely, inexpensive trade execution? Now that algorithms and machines dominate trading, is a complete overhaul needed, or can equity markets continue to evolve? This panel will examine the likely costs and benefits of the different market reforms being considered.


Sayena Mostowfi

Principal, Head of U.S. Equities Research, TABB Group


Kevan Cowan

President, TSX Markets; Group Head of Equities, TMX Group

Stephen McCauley

Head of Research, Winton

Seth Merrin

Founder and CEO, Liquidnet Holdings, Inc.

Jamil Nazarali

Senior Managing Director and Head of Execution Services, Citadel Securities

Jatin Suryawanshi

Head, Global Quantitative Strategy, Jefferies

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