Global Conference 2018

Science is beginning to deliver long-hoped-for curative therapies, to nervous applause. Gene therapy is becoming a reality with the 2017 approval of three treatments in the U.S. for cancer and rare disease, many more products in the pipeline, revolutionary advances in cell-based therapy and gene editing, and investment accelerating at a rapid clip. These innovations, however, are making their debut just as pressures to constrain health care costs overall are intensifying. And our system is not set up to pay for cures, as providers that cover upfront costs are not often in a position to reap long-term cost savings. What innovative financing mechanisms would ensure that patients benefit from these exciting advances? How can technology and data enable more value-based care?

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Colleen Rye

Director, Research and Regulatory Policy, FasterCures


Christiana Bardon

Managing Director, UBS Oncology Impact Fund, MPM Capital

Louis DeGennaro

President and CEO, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Joe La Barge

Chief Legal Officer, Spark Therapeutics

Mark Trusheim

Strategic Director, MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation

Cynthia Verst

President, Design and Delivery Innovation, IQVIA

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