Global Conference 2017

Speaker's Biography

Sarah Reinertsen

U.S. Paralympic Athlete, Nike Runner and Ironman Triathlete

Motivational speaker, Nike athlete, and founder of Always Tri, Inc., Sarah Reinertsen started her athletic career at a young age, despite having her left leg amputated above the knee when she was seven years old. As a high school student Sarah became the youngest athlete on the U.S. Paralympic team, competing as a runner at the 1992 Paralympic Games in Barcelona, Spain. Today she's still running, and to date she's finished 14 marathons and has become a record-setting triathlete. In 2005 Sarah became the first woman on a prosthetic leg to finish the Ironman Triathlon World Championships in Kona Hawaii. Today she lives and trains in Southern California, where she's planning her next big race--the World Marathon Challenge: seven marathons on seven continents in seven days this January 2018. Sarah is spokesperson for Ossur Prosthetics and the Challenged Athletes Foundation, a nonprofit that helps people with disabilities get active in sports. She also serves on the LA 2024 Athlete's Commission.


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