Global Conference 2017

Speaker's Biography

Jessica Matthews

Managing Director, Global Head of Mission-Related Investing, Cambridge Associates

Jessica is managing director and global head of the Mission-Related Investing Practice at Cambridge Associates, where she oversees the MRI resources across the firm and works with clients on the development and implementation of their MRI programs. Jessica is a frequent speaker and guest lecturer on MRI topics and is actively engaged with various field-building organizations in the areas of impact investing. She has published industry-leading research, which includes the first-ever impact investing benchmark; survey results and analysis around the activities and views among non-profit investors with regards to MRI; and ESG integration and sustainable investing. Prior to rejoining Cambridge Associates in 2008, Jessica worked at Booz Allen Hamilton, in the investment office at the American Red Cross, and in the Global Consultant Relations group at BlackRock. Jessica began her career with Cambridge Associates as a consulting analyst. Jessica graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in government.


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