Global Conference 2017

Speaker's Biography

Steve Bullock

Governor, Montana

Steve Bullock was born and raised in Montana, and served as the state's attorney general. As governor, Bullock works to make Montana stronger so that his three children and all future generations enjoy the same opportunities afforded to all who grew up here. Governor Bullock has worked with Republicans and Democrats to make responsible decisions about the state's finances, balancing the budget and maintaining a $300 million rainy day fund. He is a strong advocate of Montana's public lands and fought to preserve public access to Montana's rivers, streams, and wild places. He believes public education is the great equalizer and has made historic investments in public education. As attorney general, Bullock fought against the disastrous Citizen's United decision, and as governor, fought for the right of Montana voters to know who is financing the elections. Every day, Governor Bullock heads to work committed to ensuring that Montana remains the best state in the nation to live, work, start a business, and raise a family.


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