Global Conference 2017

Speaker's Biography

His Highness Prince Fahad Al Saud

Founder and CEO, NA3AM

Fahad Al Saud is an entrepreneur and pioneer in the creative and technology sectors. He has contributed to works and investments in education, job creation and social empowerment. In addition, he is founder and CEO of NA3AM (New Arabic Media), an award-winning trans-media studio, building, shaping and supporting the Arab world's digital boom in entertainment. NA3AM creates compelling content, comics and games that are ultimately inspired by Arabian culture--filling a void for underserviced audiences both locally and globally. In 2014, NA3AM won the Audience Award and Demo Showcase at Slush in Helsinki for its innovative vision of technology investment as a cultural and economic bridge between the Middle East and Europe. Fahad became Facebook's head of user operations-Arabic in 2008, making a significant contribution to the launch of the website's Arabic version. He has consulted on Saudi Arabia's first ever Start-up Weekend and in 2011 was named Most Influential International Youth at the Arab Youth Media Forum.


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