Global Conference 2017

Speaker's Biography

Daniel Goldin

Former NASA Administrator

Prior to founding KnuEdge, Dan Goldin was the longest-tenured NASA chief, serving three presidential administrations and leading the agency through its renaissance. As NASA administrator, he guided the redesign and delivery of the International Space Station, initiated bold robotic exploration of Mars, formed the Astrobiology Institute to better understand the origin, evolution and destiny of life in the universe and put a record number of people into space - all while reducing the agency's planned budget by 33 percent. After retiring from NASA, Goldin decided to focus on technologies based on neurobiology, aiming for "swing for the fences" breakthrough innovation. The result was KnuEdge, founded with the mission of transforming human/machine interaction to improve quality of life. KnuEdge left stealth mode on June 6, 2016, and has already delivered two leading technologies: Voice biometric security delivering successful authentication in real-world, noisy environments; and LambdaFabric, HW acceleration for machine learning and A.I.


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