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Humankind vs. Cancer: The Scorecard
Wednesday, May 3, 2017 / 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Jonathan Simons, President and CEO, Prostate Cancer Foundation; Senior Advisor, Milken Institute

Chris Boshoff, Senior Vice-President, Head Immune-Oncology, Early Development and Translational Oncology, Pfizer
André Choulika, Chairman and CEO, Cellectis
Carlo Greco, Director of Clinical Research, Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown
Nils Lonberg, Senior Vice President, Oncology Discovery Biology, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Richard Paulson, Vice President and General Manager, Oncology, Amgen, Inc.
Suzanne Topalian, Associate Director, Bloomberg-Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, Johns Hopkins

Recent years have brought great excitement and hope in the fight against cancer as new targeted therapies and breakthrough immuno-oncology drugs reach patients at an accelerating pace. But challenges remain as well, including unanswered scientific questions and issues of cost and access. Senior leaders from across the cancer research and development ecosystem will provide the latest insight into questions such as:

  • Why do many breakthrough treatments work for some patients but not others, and what are some of the risks of these treatments that are emerging?
  • Can patients, governments and insurers continue to meet the rising costs of cancer treatment and care?
  • Will the change in administration impact commitments made through the Cancer Moonshot and the 21st Century Cures Act?