Global Conference 2017
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Artificial intelligence, digital technology and connectivity are changing just about everything we do, from family activities to running businesses, shopping, dating and even visiting the doctor. This expert panel will share their thoughts on the technological and societal trends that will shape our lives over the next decade. Questions may include:

  • How is cognitive computing and artificial intelligence transforming everything from financial services to transportation, energy, education, retail and healthcare?
  • Which technologies have the greatest potential to change how we see the world?
  • How is the extraordinary growth of mobility and connectivity affecting how we live and work?


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Kara Swisher

Executive Editor, Re/code


Adrian Aoun

Founder and CEO, Forward; Former Head of Special Projects, Alphabet

Belinda Johnson

Chief Business Affairs and Legal Officer, Airbnb

Oscar Salazar

Founder, Pager, Inc.; Founding CTO, Uber

Hans Tung

Managing Partner, GGV Capital

Devin Wenig

President and CEO, eBay Inc.

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