Global Conference 2017

Brazil is the world's fourth-largest digital economy and the second-largest market for social media, trailing only the U.S. in Facebook, Twitter and YouTube users. Brazil also has maturing venture capital and technology ecosystems. Five of the hottest tech sectors in Brazil are agritech, edtech, fintech, healthtech and marketing tech. These attributes position the country to play an increasing role in defining technology and innovation trends.

  • What are the emerging trends around autonomous driving trucks and how fast do you see this being adopted in the U.S. and Brazil?
  • Rubicon recently announced a partnership with Suez to drive international expansion. How do you think about international expansion in Brazil? What are the differences between waste stream management in developed and developing countries?
  • CargoX is an Uber model for trucking with Brazil's largest fleet of independent trucks. How did the platform start and what are the similarities to other players? How is Uber looking at the trucking market?


Scott Sobel

Managing Partner, Valor Capital Group


Nate Morris

Founder, Chairman and CEO, Rubicon Global

Oscar Salazar

Founder, Pager, Inc.; Founding CTO, Uber

André Street

Founder, Stone Pagamentos and Arpex Capital

Federico Vega

Founder and CEO, CargoX

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