GC2017 program det
Financial Regulation in the 21st Century: Risks, Challenges and Opportunities
Monday, May 1, 2017 / 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Josh Barro, Senior Editor, Business Insider

Patrick Cronin, CEO, BMO Capital Markets
Robert Lavet, General Counsel, SoFi
Barbara Novick, Vice Chairman, BlackRock
Mike Sommers, President and CEO, American Investment Council
Neal Wolin, Former U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary; Senior Counselor, Brunswick

It has been nearly a decade since the global financial crisis, and the introduction of reforms such as Dodd-Frank and Basel III. With the new administration and new Congress promising to roll back some of these reforms and make material changes to others, debate over the proper structure of financial regulation has begun anew. This panel will address what changes are warranted to protect the financial system while allowing more robust economic growth. Potential questions:

  • How would Dodd-Frank's repeal affect the financial services industry?
  • What are the alternatives to an outright repeal?
  • Which businesses will be most affected and which are least likely to return to pre-crisis situations?
  • How would a repeal affect non-banks?