Global Conference 2017

Today's illiquid credit markets have seen significant inflows and a panoply of new entrants into the direct lending universe. This session will examine the outlook for illiquid credit and nonbank direct lending with a potentially more favorable regulatory environment on the horizon.

  • Will the rollback of banking regulations create more competition for direct lenders?
  • How do illiquid and liquid credit markets compare in value?
  • Is there too much money chasing too few deals?
  • What do investors need to know about manager capabilities to make a successful choice?
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Staci Warden

Executive Director, Center for Financial Markets, Milken Institute


Michael Arougheti

Co-Founder, Director and President, Ares Management GP LLC

Mary Katherine DuBose

Co-Head of Asset-Backed Finance and Securities, Wells Fargo Securities

Damien Dwin

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Brightwood Capital Advisors

Nino Fanlo

Chief Financial Officer and President, SoFi

Terry Harris

Head of Portfolio Management, Global Private Finance, Barings

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