Global Conference 2017

Job creation and economic development require a laser focus on innovation, which includes tapping an entrepreneurial culture to drive competitiveness. But collaboration is key: Organizations, including companies, incubators, startups, and universities, must work together to act on the big ideas that will transform our world. This session will explore opportunities to capitalize on cultural and technological disruption to drive U.S. competitiveness globally.

  • What are the keys to developing a culture of entrepreneurialism and innovation in large organizations?
  • What are the lessons from the dearth of IPOs in 2016 and the number of companies being taken private?
  • What role does private equity play in creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem?
  • How do we create a thriving ecosystem that expands access to capital for entrepreneurs and startups?
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Erik Schatzker

Editor-at-Large, Bloomberg Television


Jim Clifton

Chairman and CEO, Gallup

John Danhakl

Managing Partner, Leonard Green & Partners, L.P.

Adena Friedman

CEO, Nasdaq

Julie Sweet

Chief Executive Officer, North America, Accenture

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