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Return on Longevity: Capitalizing on the Demographic Shift
Tuesday, May 2, 2017 / 10:45 am - 11:45 am

Jim Mellon, Entrepreneur and Investor; Chairman, Burnbrae

Chip Conley, Strategic Advisor for Hospitality and Leadership, Airbnb
Joseph Coughlin, Director, Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab
Joan Ruff, Board Chair, AARP
Andrew Scott, Professor of Economics and Former Deputy Dean, London Business School

While population aging brings its challenges, the number of healthier, wealthier, and more active older adults is expanding rapidly across the globe. As consumers, they offer substantial returns for companies in health, technology, financial services, and other industries. As workers, they represent an experienced, creative resource for forward-thinking employers. This panel will explore the upside of the demographic wave and one of the great growth stories of our time.

  • What can businesses do to realize the financial potential of increasing longevity?
  • How can employers maximize the benefit of changing workforce demographics?
  • How does a longevity strategy benefit shareholders, customers, and employees?