Global Conference 2017

From declining Arctic sea ice to rising temperatures, we know the threat is real. The relevant question is what can and should be done about it. This panel will explore possible solutions to one of the most challenging problems of our time.

  • What are the consequences of continuing with business as usual?
  • What policies and practices would create meaningful change to the Earth's climate?
  • What are the solutions to the predicted human, economic and geopolitical disasters that climate change could bring?
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Andrew Revkin

Senior Reporter, ProPublica


Noah Diffenbaugh

Professor and Senior Fellow, Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University

Bob Inglis

Executive Director,

Qi Ye

Professor, Director and Senior Fellow, Brookings-Tsinghua Center

Diane Regas

Executive Director, Environmental Defense Fund

Pete Trelenberg

Manager, Environmental Policy and Planning, Exxon Mobil Corporation

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