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Cracking the Code of Addiction and Mental Health
Monday, May 1, 2017 / 9:30 am - 10:30 am

Lynn Goldman, Michael and Lori Milken Dean, Milken Institute School of Public Health, George Washington University

Thomas Insel, Team Lead, Verily Life Sciences; Former Director, NIMH
Gary Mendell, Founder and CEO, Shatterproof
Richard Pops, Chairman and CEO, Alkermes, Inc.
Garen Staglin, Founder and Chairman, One Mind
Nora Volkow, Director, National Institute on Drug Abuse

The crisis of opioid abuse and addiction is the latest manifestation of the challenges society faces in dealing with addiction and deeply intertwined mental health issues. Effective treatments are difficult to develop and are often difficult for patients to access. This panel will ask:

  • What are the economic and personal tolls exacted by these problems in the U.S. and globally?
  • What policy changes could help combat opioid addiction?
  • How can advances in neuroscience and new technologies, including artificial intelligence, help?