Global Conference 2017

Liberal democracy has stopped delivering on its promise, at least in the view of millions of voters across Europe, and now finds itself in a growing struggle for survival. The signs are everywhere, from Brexit to the prospect of political victories by far-right candidates in France, Germany and beyond.

  • How did the EU become an endangered species?
  • How far will populist anger push Europe's far-right into power?
  • Can (and should) the EU survive these nationalist movements?
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Alec Russell

Weekend Editor, Financial Times


John Emerson

Former U.S. Ambassador to Germany (2013-2017); Former President, Capital Group Private Client Services

David Landsman

Executive Director, Tata Limited; Former British Ambassador to Greece

Lord Mandelson

Chairman, Global Counsel; Former European Trade Commissioner and British First Secretary of State

Alexander Stubb

Member of Parliament; Former Prime Minister of Finland

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