Global Conference 2017

Innovative, next-generation technology is the military's biggest advantage on the battlefield and in cyberspace. As Russia and China narrow the gap with the United States, countries such as Iran and North Korea also are gaining valuable knowledge and information. Clearly, the U.S. no longer has the lock on military technology and innovation.

  • Silicon Valley is the epicenter for cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking startups. How can we ensure that the Defense Department taps into this expertise?
  • Can the Defense Department centralize data storage to enable machine learning and AI programs -- once they are fully functional -- to mine the information for correlations and patterns?
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David Sanger

National Security Correspondent, The New York Times


Eric Schmidt

Executive Chairman, Alphabet

Norton Schwartz

President and CEO, Business Executives for National Security (BENS); Former Chief of Staff, United States Air Force

Raj Shah

Managing Director, Defense Innovation Unit (DIUx)

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