GC2017 program det
Things That Will Blow Your Mind
Wednesday, May 3, 2017 / 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Beverly Hills Ballroom

Richard Sandler, Executive Vice President, Milken Family Foundation; Partner, Law Offices of Maron & Sandler

Ed Boyden, Professor, MIT Media Lab and McGovern Institute
Mary Lou Jepsen, Founder and CEO, OpenWater
Bryan Johnson, Founder and CEO, Kernel and OS Fund
Neal Kassell, Founder and Chairman, Focused Ultrasound Foundation

Imagine the possibilities if advances in neuroscience and engineering enabled doctors to peer into the brain with a tool that uses light to manipulate neurons to repair defects or heal injuries. What if there was a wearable device that allowed you to see inside your body with the detail of a high-resolution camera or MRI scanner? Finally, how about a tiny chip that could be implanted in the brain to minimize neurological damage caused by strokes, Alzheimer's or concussions? In this session, three visionaries will talk about the remarkable things they're up to -- and it'll blow your mind.